Programmes / Diplomas / PGD in Multimedia Arts
Postgraduate Diploma in Multimedia Arts
Post Graduate Diploma in Multimedia Arts (Evening Programme)

Aim Of the Course
To provide professional and ethical skills to diploma students with basic theoretical underpinning to produce highly employable individuals.

Course Duration
One Year

Course Structure
2-Terms (2-Units)
Days/week Monday-Friday

Eligibility Criteria for Post Graduate Diploma Multimedia Arts (evening programme)

Graduation 2 years
BCS not less than 4 years
Any other equivalent degree

Admission Procedure

Admission will be on all Pakistan basis and shall based on merit. Aptitude test will be followed by an interview.

See Multimedia Arts Prospectus for details.

Module 1: Interactive Design


This module will train students in the management/production of interactive Multimedia Productions such as Web sites,CD-ROM's and DVD's. The course will cover industry standard software applications and their uses within the Interactive Multimedia sphere.Students will design,develop and produce an Interactive Project.Multimedia personnel are generally multi-skilled and capable of completing a variety of important tasks within the development cycle.


MID-1 Interactive Design-I (Design Process, Digital Imaging)
MID-2 Interactive Design-II (Interface Design, Multimedia Authoring)
MID-3 Drawing


MIT-1 Interactive Concepts (History & Orientation to Multimedia, Program Philosophy)
MIT-2 Communication Science (Communication Theory, Advertising Psychology,
          Research Methods)

Guest lectures from various Multimedia disciplines

Module 2: Digital Production

(Digital Video For Commercial Applications & Advertisement)

This module aims to teach basic digital production techniques. The course enable you to think about different storytelling conventions in narrative and documentary movie-making and address the fundamentals of sound recording. Students will script and storyboard short movie sequences and develop an understanding of the various roles in the video post-production process. There will be excercises and research to carry out outside of class time.


MDP-1 Digital Production-I (Camera Operation,Lighting Techniques,Professional Editing Suite)
MDP-2 Digital Production-II (Ad making concepts,Conceptual and Commercial Documentaries)


MDT-1 Production Concepts (Effective Script writing,Storyboarding & Screenplay Writing)
MDT-2 The Pre Production Process (Management, Coordination, Time Scheduling)
MDT-3 Post-Production Process(Footage, Linear Editing Concepts, Non-Linear Concepts)
MDT-4 Marketing Concepts (Advertising Methodologies, Research & Development)

Studio Project to qualify term.

Module: Computer Animation

(2D/3D Animation and Game Design)

This course offers the opportunity for you to enhance your animation practice using software or traditional methods and practical aspects of game implementation using computer game engines and 3D graphics tools. The program consists of a balanced combination of hands-on training,exercises,lab time,individual and group projects.Program addresses skill development of 2D/3D Animation and Game Design.The components are key traditional principles of art, animation and Game.


MAS-1 Animation-I (Classical Animations)
MAS-2 Animation-II (3D Modeling, Texturing, Lighting & 3D Animation Techniques)
MAS-3 Animation-III (Computer Game Engines)
MAS-4 Drawing for Animation


MAT-1 Animation Basics (Storytelling in Games and Concept Building)
MAT-2 Animation Concepts (History of Animation & Games, Research Methods)
MAT-3 Animation Advances (Game Design Process and Design Documents)
MAT-4 Optional Theory (one optional theory from the list for each term)

Studio Project to qualify term.

  • Zaffer Iqbal

Zaffer Iqbal
Officiating Director
B. Design NCA
M.A. Multimedia Arts

  • Muhammad Ali Tirmizi

Muhammad Ali Tirmizi
Academic Coordinator
B-Arch. NCA
PGD in Architecture,UET,Lahore
PGD in Environmental Design
(AIOU), Islamabad

  • Wardah Alam

Wardah Alam
Asst. Professor/Lab Coordinators
B. Fine Arts (NCA)
M.A. Multimedia Arts (NCA)

  • Haseeb Ahmed

Haseeb Ahmed
Associate Professor
M.A. Multimedia Arts (NCA)

  • Bilal Khalid

Bilal Khalid
Asst. Professor/Teaching Coordinators
M.A. Multimedia Arts (NCA)
M.Phil Communication Studies (Superior)

  • Basit Zain

Basit Zain
Asst. Professor/Technical Coordinators
M.A. Multimedia Arts (NCA)

  • Izza Randle

Izza Randle
Asst. Professor/Lab Coordinators
M.A. Multimedia Arts (NCA)

  • Agha Raza Abbas

Agha Raza Abbas
Asst. Professor/Teaching Coordinators
M.A. Multimedia Arts (NCA)

  • Marryam Khan

Marryam Khan
Asst. Professor/Teaching Coordinators
M.A. Multimedia Arts (NCA)

  • Asad Iqbal

Asad Iqbal
Asst. Professor/Teaching Coordinators
M.A. Multimedia Arts (NCA)