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Teaching & Learning

The NCA offers the following degrees at the undergraduate level. The stated duration of all degree programmes includes one year foundation course.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (4 years)
Bachelor of Design (4 years)
Bachelor of Architecture (5 years)
Bachelor of Film & Television (4 years)
Bachelor of Musicology (4 years)
Bachelor of Cultural Studies (4 years)

History and theory courses are compulsory in the foundation year. Project based studio courses include Sculpture, Drawing, Drafting and Design. The aim is to develop technical and critical skills through an introduction to essential media, basic techniques, creative expression and the use of tools and equipment. Personal understanding and insight is developed through tutorials, seminars, and critiques. Musicology and Film & Television have their own foundation year courses that are specific to their disciplines. The foundation year also serves as an introduction to the city of Lahore, where students are required to study past and present practices firsthand and develop an understanding of the connection between culture, visual language and creative practice.

The foundation year is demanding, rigorous, and challenging. Aside from the compulsory theory and practice components, the course also includes extended visits to historical monuments, contemporary buildings of architectural value, galleries, museums, industrial and commercial units and various other sites where art and music are practiced as part of a living tradition. The Foundation Year Faculty prominent names as Visiting Faculty. Students are required to pass all the subjects to be promoted to the second year.

These are all studio based programmes that are supported by a strong theoretical framework. We produce professionals who have excellent command over techniques and materials of their relevant disciplines. They are confident and are able to independently understand, develop and articulate the conceptual and theoretical framework, solve problems and innovate. The NCA undergraduate programmes train professionals who are ready to enter competitive arenas, and bring with them a strong individual style, creative flair and passion.