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Drawing Diploma
Game Design

Course Outline

Module-1 (Months 1-2)

1. History of Visual Communication
2. Ideas and Thoughts
3. Drawing, Design Principles and Color Theory
4. Visual Communication

Module-2 (Months 2-3)

1. The Moving Image
2. Animation
3. Computing for Design & Sight for Sound
4. 3D Studies, Lighting and Texturing

Module-3 (Months 4-6)

1. Game Play
2. Character Design
3. Art Direction
4. Story and Drama

Subjects Description


History of Visual Communication

This subject will investigate the origins of visual communication and aspects of its pre-twentieth century history. Students will research the major art movements, the evolution of advertising, and the visual aspects of fashion, architecture and graphic design.

Ideas and Thought

This subject seeks to introduce students to philosophy, culture and visual art. It discusses the interrelatedness of key philosophical, cultural and artistic ideas and encourages a scholarly way of thinking. Providing an overview of some of the major historical periods it focuses on an influential thinker of each age.

Drawing, Design Principles and Color Theory

This subject aims to give students a foundation and understanding of the design principles, color theory and color forecasting essential to the field of design.

Visual Communication

Students will study recent theories of perception, cognition and communication. They will then apply these theories to design their own works. The aim is for students to be able to communicate to an audience effectively.


The Moving Image

This subject will familiarize students with the art of ‘the moving image’, including film, television, 3D games and animation. Students will receive a broad overview of both the industry and the art form. They will study its history and investigate a wide variety of genres, styles and media.


This subject concentrates on the principles and techniques common to all animation. Students will also get experience in a number of specific animation methods. They will also learn drawing techniques appropriate to animators.

Computing for Design & Sight for Sound

The aim of this subject is to develop students’ computing skills in the areas of drawing, image manipulation, and digital presentation. The aim of this subject is to investigate ways in which music and sound have been interpreted into the visual realm.

3D Studies, Lighting and Texturing

This subject concentrates on the basic principles and concepts of 3D modeling, lighting and animation. Students will also learn and gain practice with an industry standard software package. This subject will develop 3D modeling skills though a detailed study of traditional lighting and texturing techniques and apply these to 3D modeling and rendering.


Game Play

Students will learn to analyze games and game-play, as well as examine genres and trends in gaming. They will work singly and in small groups to develop game ideas, compare and contrast them with published games and then create focused design documents for possible future production.

Character Design

This subject will help students develop and build characters suitable for 2D and 3D broadcast animation and games. Students will learn how to design dramatically and mechanically appropriate characters.

Art Direction

This subject will look at how industry professionals create cinematic, tele-visual and virtual ‘realities’. Students will consider the psychological and artistic aspects of the camera, sets, costumes, props, lighting and sound etc. They will examine the ways that professionals use design, color, composition and other elements to create meaning.

Story and Drama

Story and drama are two important aspects of both linear and interactive moving imagery. This subject teaches students about these through exposure to each area’s key works, the study of classic drama/story methods and practical exercises. Students also develop an idea from story sentence to game design document.


• Fees for 06 months certificate course in Game Design is Rs. 11,500/- per month
• Course registration fee is Rs. 10,000/-
• Fees will be paid lump sum.

Eligibility Criteria

Intermediate with minimum 2nd division or any equivalent qualification, (Equivalence certificate required from IBCC
for educational qualifications other than intermediate).

Admission Criteria

Admissions will be on open merit basis. An aptitude test will be followed by an interview.

Course Duration

6 Months