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Computer Graphics
Graphic Design/Computer Graphics Diploma
Course Description

This course opens up opportunities for students who are seeking career in the field of Graphic Design. It introduces creative, functional and aesthetic role of Graphic Design in print industry. By understanding the basics of design principles, students will develop their ability to communicate messages through meaningful visuals. Typography is the most important component of Graphic Design and students will study the history of type, type anatomy and typographic terms, while examining design compositions, type styles and the use of font in print design. This course will develop an understanding of the process of Design Thinking to create ideas/concepts and a critical attitude towards the organization and structure of text and image based design.

Course Content

• Design Elements
• Design Principles
• Word & Image
• Drawing Systems
• Design Thinking
• Design Skills
• Typography
• Design Production


• 2D & 3D
• Computer Generated
• Print


• Lectures
• Design Research & Concept Development
• Design Thinking
• Skill Development
• Live Demonstrations
• Presentations
• Individual Meetings
• Critiques

Intended Learning

• Students will be able to develop an understanding of the objectivity of Graphic Design
• Understanding the relationship between word and image
• Students will learn to understand the importance of Design Thinking Process
• Ability to deal with challenging needs of Print Design
• Ability to create practical design solutions
• Ability to generate effective typographic design solutions to meet specific criteria
• Understanding the differences between letterforms to choose suitable typefaces for a variety of graphic design solutions
• Understanding of advertising design
• Ability to create brands and brand identities


• To define the subject of graphic design to understand the difference between communication and expression very clearly
• To understand the relationship between content & form
• Understanding of design, arrangement, specification of type in space or time
• Learn to deal with challenging needs of graphic design
• To introduce the language of type, its practical use and historical grounding
• To develop understanding of typography and creative visualization
• Understanding of design thinking process
• To develop practical approach in implementation of design principles
• To equip students with aesthetic and conceptual problem solving skills

Eligibility Criteria

Intermediate with minimum 2nd division or any equivalent qualification, (Equivalence certificate required from IBCC
for educational qualifications other than intermediate).

Admission Criteria

Admissions will be on open merit basis. An aptitude test will be followed by an interview.

Course Duration

6 Months


• Total fees for 06 months certificate course in Graphic Design/ Computer Graphics is Rs. 55,500/-
• Course registration fee is Rs. 10,000/-
• Fees will be paid lump sum.