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Painting Diploma
Certificate in Painting


Painting is the act of using a certain medium to express form, value and various other ideas on a two dimensional surface. The expression and aesthetics vary; the medium and quality of mark making often determines the outcome, but as a whole, the infinite possibilities of painting have fascinated artists for centuries and it is through this experimentation with form, colour and medium that creative indtviduals have, in the history of art, sought to push the boundaries of what it means to paint and create a painting as a work of art.

Whether it is fresco, encaustic painting, oit acrylic or water colour; the intention is to transform the two dimensional surface; it is a task that requires a significant amount of technical and theoretical training therefore NCA is offering a One-Year Diploma Programme that will train students to experiment and understand the possibilities inherent within this medium of expression as well as acquire the necessary technical training that will inform their practice as independent painters.

Aims And Objectives

To enable students to:
  • Learn different painting techniques.
  • Understand the possibilities of different mediums.
  • Painting as a medium of expression.

Learning Outcomes
  • Students will be able to develop, construct and convey their ideas and concepts using painting as a tool.
  • Students observation skills will be enhanced, which will help students to paint and study objects as per the requirement of their project
  • Students will experiment freely with diverse mediums.

Course Structure


06 Months

Class Days:

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Class Timing:

Friday 2:30 to 6:30
Saturday & Sunday 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Entry Requirements

F.A/FSc. or any equivalent Certificate with minimum 45% marks.

Admission Process

Applicants are advised to bring any related work for the interview.

Course Outline

Theory: 25%

  • Art History
  • Art Criticism
  • Seminars

Practical: 75%

  • Introduction to Materials
  • Introduction to Basic Painting Techniques
  • Surtace Preparation
  • Color Theory
  • Technical understanding of the materials used Oil Paints, Water Colors, and Acrylic Paints etc.

Fee Structure

Admission Fee

Rs.10000/- Not Refundable

Monthly Tuition Fees

Rs.9500/-   Not Refundable


9500 x 6= 57000+10000= Rs.67000/-

  • Prof. Dr. Murtaza Jafri

Prof. Dr. Murtaza Jafri
Programme Director
BFA National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan
Advanced Drawing, Concordia University, Montreal
M.A. Chelsea College of Arts, London
Ph.D. (Fine Arts) University of East London, UK
Post Doctoral Research Fellow AVA, London

  • Muhammad Shahzad Tanveer

Muhammad Shahzad Tanveer
Deputy Registrar Academic / Coordinator Diploma / Certificate Courses
B.A, LLB, LLM (Candidate)

  • Fazeelat Bakar

Fazeelat Bakar