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Extra-curricular activities and annual events are organized by the College's student run societies and clubs. These activities form a major part of the cultural and social life of the College. The NCA's theatre societies participate in various National theatre festivals organized by LUMS, GIKI, Rafi Peer Theatre workshop, Government College etc.

Introductory workshops are held at the beginning of the academic year so that the incoming batch of students may join the clubs and societies of their choice. The members of these societies are trained in basic acting and vocal skills along with other theatre techniques during workshops. Each society is headed by a "Director" and has a member of the faculty as its Patron.

The Puppeteers

The Puppeteers, specialize in puppetry. Over the years, the society has used various forms of puppetry. The repertoire of puppetry techniques used by The Puppeteers includes, String Puppets, Rod Puppets, Shadow Puppets and Muppets. The puppeteers specially design and fabricate their own puppets for every performance.

Undraap Nexus

Undraap Nexus specializes in mime and has been instrumental in popularizing the genre in the Country. The members are trained in the discipline through rigorous exercises conducted during workshops. Depending on the nature of the narrative, the society utilizes various styles of the art form such as pantomime, street mime and sometimes cartoon caricatures to illustrate the story.


Notankee is a society that focuses primarily on slapstick comedy. They develop their exercises through improvisational theatre exercises. This experimental style of theatre mostly borders on the absurd.

The Skits Society

The Skits Society is responsible for the most awaited performance at the summer and winter festivals. The skit performers learn to keep a keen eye on College activities and individuals with caricature potential. The result is the equivalent of a farcical gossip column reporting on the goings on in the College.

Alif Adaab

Established as a serious Urdu drama society, Alif Adaab has evolved into a vehicle for multiple theatrical techniques. Its performances vary greatly in subject matter, ranging from serious Urdu drama (Which is revisited from time to time) to sarcastic comedies to murder mystery theatre. Their plays are rendered using a wide array of theatrical techniques. The society is known for its remarkable production quality and attention to detail.

N.T. Mime

N.T. Mime has a diversified repertoire of theatrical styles. The society develops its performances using various techniques such as dance, shadow puppetry and performance art blended with mime.

The Sukhan

The Sukhan is a literary society which holds, organize and participate in debates, declemations, contests, seminars, mushaira, and other literary events in or out side the college.

Eastern Music Society

Members of the Eastern Music Society play Eastern classical and folk instruments as well as Western instruments used in contemporary Eastern music. The performances range from Eastern classical and Folk music from various parts of the Country to film and Pakistani pop.

Western Music Society

Members of the Western Music Society sing and play instruments in the Western music tradition such as drums, keyboard and guitars. The genres mainly focused on are Pop, Rock and World Music. The society is formed of a core team of musicians, students join them as vocalists and guest musicians on the College festivals.

NCA Hope

NCA Hope is social welfare society. The organization aims to help deprived children. The society volunteers and organizes events for children in special schools, hospitals and orphanages.

The Alumni Association

The Alumni Association was established in 1995. This association acts as a forum for creating greater links between the faculty, the current students and the alumni.

The End

The End is the filmmaking society. Often employing nothing more than handy-cams and a computer, the society uses old-fashioned camera tricks and digital editing tools to produce their films.

Cine Circle

Cine Circle is a film club that organizes regular screenings of documentaries, indigenous and foreign films, with the aim of critically analyzing and studying the techniques of filmmaking. Film screenings are followed by discussions. The society has a large and growing film collection, accessible to its members.

The Qi

The Qi is an orchestral music society initiated in 2016 to perform symphonic orchestral music. It ranges from original arrangements to classic repertoire and contemporary works.

Dance Society

The society uses dance as a medium of artistic expression. A variety of dance styles such as Kathak, Luddi, Modern Dance and Flamenco are used by the society. Their performances are synchronized and entertaining.