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Our students have won numerous national and international awards. Many brilliant students from our department have been selected for various prestigious and coveted fellowships and programs including Berinale Talent Campus, Asian Film Academy Fellowship, International ‘Gold Panda’ Awards for students The Sichuan TV Festival, The International Visitor Leadership Program [IVLP] to represent Pakistan in the U.S. by United States Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. The work of our students have been screened all across the globe and gained humongous applauds and appreciation.

The courses offered in the department aim to develop the visual and writing skills with special focus on hands on practice. Courses in theory and history provide fundamental understanding of film and television. The courses designed under the supervision of competent faculty, help an the students to explore cultural sensibilities, initiate intellectual thinking and generate new ideas in the contemporary theoretical discourse.

The process of production involves grammar of film, originality and style, interlaced with a creative interaction of ideas, concepts and techniques. The medium of practice is digital video technologies, due to economical accessibility and ease of handling in the teaching processes. Every student has the access to a wide variety of professional equipment provided by the department, through which they train themselves in the best possible way. The department has state of the art, video production equipment, television studios, Chroma-Keying studio, master control room and non-linear editing labs. We even provide them with 35mm technology by arranging workshops, whenever required for their projects and assignments. An upgraded and latest equipment including lights, sound equipment, cameras, lenses and editing suits are also installed in the department. We are also working towards the expansion of department’s infrastructure and other facilities.

As a part of the ‘University Partnership Program’ by the US State Department, the Department of Film & TV has become a partner with South Asia Institute (SAI), in collaboration with Department of Radio-Television- Film (RTF) in the Moody College of Communication at University of Texas at Austin. Recently, a batch of ten film students was accepted in a student exchange program at UT-Austin to study for a semester along with one faculty member. More faculty members in this partnership will be visiting the United States in the upcoming months.

Another feather has been added to the cap, as a German student Daniel Asadi Faezi selected NCA and successfully completed his one year in the Department of Film and Television under the student exchange of DAAD Scholarship. The department is presently offering a 4-year Bachelor Degree program in Film & Television. However, we will be soon launching the Masters program, for an advanced understanding about the discipline.

The Department is promoting the community outreach for general public and industry professionals. For which, the department has started various diplomas and certificates mainly focusing on courses like; Digital Film Production: Fiction (Short Film, Music Video, TVC), Digital Film Production: Non-Fiction (News Packages, Documentary), Non-Linear Editing & Acting.

We also encourage our students to gain industry experience, especially in their summer break. For that, we recommend them for internships in various Film & TV studios, production houses and other relevant organizations. The department encourages positive partnerships with international universities to provide students an international experience and exposure to the global film industry. Recently, a successful partnership has been signed with the prestigious Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF in Germany and we are also in a process of collaborating with several renowned universities of Asia and Europe.

Bachelor of Film & Television

The four-year Bachelor Degree Program help in widening student’s vision and aptitude through a well informed professional yet concentrated training. The program offers cooperation between different levels of disciplines required for a Film and TV curriculum. The students are provided with a chance to make arrangement of their work in groups from first year onwards, and complete no less than two major projects each year as a requirement of the curriculum. There is a dynamic blend of exceptional workforce consisting of energetic and talented faculty members, visiting teachers from both local and global industry and film professionals.

First Year

The first year is dedicated to non-fiction & reality based documentary films. Prime focus is to culture the students via observational techniques so that a sensitive filmmaker is produced. This objective helps and encourages a student to look for issues that are closely attached to the individual and the society. The students are also trained for advanced documentary film styles and methods.

Second Year

The second year is based on introduction to fiction film production, which includes writing, film production training and post production techniques, which are helpful for creating a better understanding about the discipline. In this year, it is made a compulsion for the students to produce at least two short films as a requirement of the degree program.

Third Year

The third year focuses on experimental &advanced studio courses like multiple camera production, studio lighting, television control room and introduction to new digital technologies. The students are also able to demonstrate complex camera movements and advanced editing techniques.

Fourth Year

The fourth year is devoted to production of an independent thesis film. The students are given choice of choosing either a documentary or a fiction film for their thesis. In the first term students develop thesis idea, approved by a panel of advisors and jurors, later on the approved idea turns into a script or a screenplay eventually resulting in a thesis film. Therefore, the second term of the final year is fully devoted to the production of the thesis project. External examiners evaluate the thesis project at the end of the year.

The curriculum of the department and the college environment is conducive in providing them with complete freedom to sharpen their vision and leading them become creative and committed professionals in the field of film and television.

First Term

Documentary Production-1
Visual Development-1
Urdu Literature & Drama-1
Theory & History of Film-1
Film Analysis-1
History and Heritage of Pakistan-1

Second Term

Documentary Production-2
Theory & History of Film-2
Urdu Literature & Drama -2
Visual Development-2
History and Heritage of Pakistan-2
Art History
Film Analysis-2
Communication Skills
Islamic Studies
Pakistan Studies

First Term

Fiction Production-1
European Literature & Drama-1
Media & Communication Theories-1
Visual Development-3
Theory & History of Film-3
Film Analysis-3

Second Term

Fiction Production-2
Media & Communication Theories-2
3D Design & Computer Graphics for Film & TV
Theory & History of Film-4
Film Analysis-4
European Literature & Drama-2
Visual Development-4

First Term

Studio Production
Media & Communication Theories-3
Theory & History of Film-5
Experimental Cinema
Music Video

Second Term

TVC Production
Music for Film
Media & Communication Theories-4
Theory & History of Film-6
World Cinema

First Term

Workshops & Practices
Research Methodologies
Thesis Idea Development

Second Term

Thesis Project

  • Head of Department
    Prof. Majid Saeed Khan

Prof. Majid Saeed Khan
Head of Department
M.Phil. Sound Design (Aix-en-Provence France)
M.A. Multimedia Arts, National college of Arts, Lahore

  • Assistant Professor Contractual
    Tausif Zain

Tausif Zain ul Abedin
Assistant Professor
M.A Communication Studies(Film & Television
Production), Punjab University
M.A Economics, Government College University

  • Assistant Professor Contractual
    Wasim Akhtar

Wasim Akhtar
Assistant Professor
Bachelor of Film & TV, NCA Lahore
M.A English Literature, University of Sargodha

          Visiting Faculty

  • Shireen Pasha
  • Arif Ali Arif
  • Riaz A. Gul
  • Sajjad Gul
  • Salman Shahid
  • Sarwat Ali
  • Ghulam Mohyeddin
  • Mariam Saad
  • Khawaja Ibrahim
  • Talha Ali Khan
  • Narimaan Aziz
  • Armughan Hassan Nawaz
  • Pervaiz Akhter
  • Jawad Ashraf Butt
  • Kamran Butt
  • Rida Malik
  • Syeda Alina Ali
  • Mujahed Shoaib Butt
  • Syed Gibran Ali
  • Mohammad Shahzad
  • Raza Shah
  • Amar Ali

   Life Beyond the Hollow Circle

Naima Ansari
A documentary on the craft of bangle making and the craftsmen from Hyderabad, Pakistan.

     Places of heaven

Syed Hasan Haider
A Documentary in which the beauty, the deeply rooted culture and the ritual of Tazia are explored; which is one of the most distinct in the month of Muharrum. The film looks at the history of Tazia, the religious beliefs and its influences taken from architectural structures.


This story is about a son (Walia) and his magician father. Their journey through different mindscapes, which shows the complex and tragic condition of human existence. During their journey for survival they meet with some magical and realistic characters and situatons.the ending note, a ray of Hope for the change through upcoming generations to take over it and march forward with new spirit and thoughts along with the legacy and cultural values of the old generation.