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Research and Publication Centre (RPC)

Research and publication is fundamental to any academic institution, which seeks not only to transfer knowledge but also to produce new knowledge. To further the objectives of excellence in education through research and publications in art and humanities, a small RPC was created in 1999 at the NCA, which is supported through the Endowment Fund. A Board of Advisors, comprising leading academics, journalists, and publishers advise the RPC. RPC conducts and supports research and documentation projects to map the art, architecture, musicology, film & TV and design landscape of the country. It also provides research based inputs into the curriculum and pedagogy of art education at the NCA. A historical reprint series has also been started to publish, out of print books of historical importance. The publication section is responsible for editing, designing and production of high quality books and other publications at the NCA.

RPC also conducts training workshops in research and publication, organizes the occasional lecture series under which distinguished artists, academics and scholars are invited to speak on contemporary issues in art, architecture and design education. It hosts national and international conferences. Students are encouraged to participate in RPC research and publication activities.