SESSION 2014 - 2015

14-MA (Hons.) - 02 Bahrera Basit Impact of Development Projects on Cultural Heritage of Pakistan The Case of Orange Line Project Completed
14-MA (Hons.) - 03 Arshia Sohail Text is Art Itself from looking to Reading Completed
14-MA (Hons.) - 04 Farazeh Syed Feminizing and Sexualizing the orient as the Mysterious other in nineteenth century orientalist Art Completed
14-MA (Hons.) - 06 Safia Sher Altering perceptions Completed
14-MA (Hons.) - 07 Sajjad Nawaz Analysis of Woodblock Printing Tradition of Kahror pacca in South Punjab Completed
14-MA (Hons.) - 14 Imran Haider Technique and process of Traditional Miniature Painting Completed
14-MA (Hons.) - 16 Aqsa Ilyas Idiomorphic Nature of Pure Abstraction Completed
14-MA (Hons.) - 17 Ayesha Khaliq Assemblage Completed
14-MA (Hons.) - 18 Rabia Shahnawaz Text in Contemporary Art of Pakistan Completed