Dear Students,
In reference to the HEC guidelines regarding Covid -19 and online teaching/guidance and in line with the decisions taken in the meeting of the Heads of Departments held on 16th March, 2020, the online classes will continue as planned. This is to ensure that the leave period or any extension in the leave period in consideration of the pandemic (Covid-19) does not affect the regular studies or to at least minimize its effect on studies.

Therefore, the break on account of Covid-19 will be considered as active term/semester and evaluation will also be based on the individual performance of the students in their online classes.

It is important to know and understand that continuing online classes is crucial and the only option in this challenging situation especially in absence of any prediction of the time period of the end of the pandemic.

You are therefore advised to cooperate with your teachers and support your fellow students.

We hope that together with your cooperation we will be able to make through this.

Wish you all the best
National College of Arts


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