2010-NCA-Arch-001 Mr. Moazzam Abbas s/o Zaighum Abbas VERTICAL HABITAT "Re-Imaging the Residential Block
2010-NCA-Arch-003M Mr. Syed Ali Razas/o Syed Pervaiz Raza Pakistan Institute of Cinematic Arts, Lahore
2010-NCA-Arch-004 Mr. Tajidar Hussain s/o Amir Hamza Disaster Management "Creation of Safe Heaven for Flood victims, Gilgit
2010-NCA-Arch-005 Ms. Ailya Khan d/o Shiraz Khan GULUNO KOR "Assisted Living Home for Schizophrenic Women in Mardan district of KPK
2010-NCA-Arch-006 Mr. Waqas Mazhar s/o Mazhar Hameed ABSOLUTE RECOIL" 'Towards Phenomenological Understanding of Architecture'
2010-NCA-Arch-007 Mr. Amin Ullah s/o Muhammad Amin Community Facility Centre "Architecture a Context Dependent System"
2010-NCA-Arch-008 Ms. Syeda Naima Raza Naqvi d/o Syed Ather Raza THE MUTANT MUSEUM "Museum of Technology and Science
2010-NCA-Arch-009 Ms. Lalarukh Wahid d/o Abdul Wahid LUNATIC'S - The Struggle for Sanity (Architecture & Psychiatry)
2010-NCA-Arch-010 Ms. Kinza Shafique d/o Shafique ur Rehman ARCHITECTURE - An Index of Culture
2010-NCA-Arch-011 Ms. Maryam Rafique d/o Muhammad Rafique THE TRANSLATING SENSUALITY IN ARCHITECTURE "Recreation of the Shahid Mohalla Experience
2009-NCA-Arch-013-J Mr. Salman Gohar s/o Muhammad Irfan Gohar Nautanki and Architecture "National Academy of Performing Arts, Lahore
2010-NCA-Arch-015 Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim Saeed s/o Muhammad Tariq Saeed Digital Hybrid Design for Bakryal City "A New Paradigm"
2010-NCA-Arch-016 Ms. Rabia Alvi d/o Shahid Akhtar SOCIAL CONDENSER- A New Order of the Third Space
2010-NCA-Arch-017 Ms. Maria Rana d/o Rana Mutahar Feroze RECLAIMING "PLACE" Bringing Anarkali Chowk into the Public Realm
2010-NCA-Arch-020 Mr. Hafiz Amir Mahmood s/o Mahmod ul Hassan Malik Reform Centre for Radicalized Juveniles
2010-NCA-Arch-022 Mr. Munib Ahmed Shahzad s/o Shahzad Manzur LEARNING CENTRE "Exploring Idea of Porosity in Architectural Paradigm
2010-NCA-Arch-023 Mr. Hasnain Salahuddin s/o Nawabzada Salahuddin Saeed Resort at Doga Fort and Village "A celevration of the Culture and History of the Tanoli Tribe"
2009-NCA-Arch-023J Ms. Dilhum Qureshi d/o Muhammad Younas Qureshi Architecture as a Sociological Entity "Google Pakistan"
2010-NCA-Arch-024 Mr. Ahmad Gulraiz Hafeez s/o Dr. Khalid Mehmood A College that Inspires Imagination
2009-NCA-Arch-025J Ms. Humaira Nasir d/o Nasir Jamil Khan PARASITIC ARCHIECTURE "As Means of Introducing Transormations in the City
2010-NCA-Arch-026 Mr. Umer Sajjad s/o Sajjad ur Rehman MUSEUM OF MECHANICS
2010-NCA-Arch-027 Mr. Saad Ahmad Qasmi s/o Naeem Ahmad Qasmi PUNJAB ASSEMBLY "Architecture of Democracy
2009-NCA-Arch-027R Mr. Habib Ur Rehman Zamani s/o Aziz ur Rehman Zamani Rehabilitation Centre for Drug Addict in Kabul, Afghanistan
2010-NCA-Arch-030 Ms. Azeemah Owais d/o Mian Muhammad Owais Mujtaba TERRA-INCOGNITA; Cracks in a City. Reconstructing Devastated Left Over Urban Space in A City
2010-NCA-Arch-031 Ms. Amna Irfan d/o Irfan Mirza FAIZ GHAR
2010-NCA-Arch-032 Mr. Danial Khyzer s/o Khyzer Hayat Khan GATEWAY TO AZAD KASHMIR "Designing Mirpur International Airport"
2010-NCA-Arch-033 Mr. Shahid Shah s/o Haji Ahmad Shah STUDIO QUETTA (A Film Studio)
2010-NCA-Arch-034 Mr. Harris Ali Tayyab s/o Mohammad Tayyab SCIL (School for Contemporary and Islamic Learning) Campus, Defence
2010-NCA-Arch-035 Ms. Neha Fatima d/o Inayat Ullah Niazi Architecture - A Para-time Journey of 1947 through time space
2010-NCA-Arch-036 Ms. Uzma Siddique d/o Muhammad Siddique Residential School for Visually impaired (Sense-able Architecture)
2010-NCA-Arch-037 Ms. Marina Khan d/o Amir Hayat Traces of Memory in Architecture
2010-NCA-Arch-038 Ms. Sabeen Mehmood Durrani d/o Mehmood Aslam Durrani INTERACTIVE HYBRID "Architecture as Bridge between the Border
2009-NCA-Arch-039R Mr. Bilal Saleem s/o Saleem Fawad Siddiqui Physical inter-active learning model for all ages in the existing community of Sanat Nagr Islampura Lahore
2010-NCA-Arch-040 Mr. Muhammad Nouman Tufail s/o Muhammad Tufail Rana Urban Restructuring "A rational study on Shah Jamal Colony"
2010-NCA-Arch-041 Ms. Saher Nasim d/o Nasim Ullah CHASM CITY "Manifestation of a space through a narrative"
2010-NCA-Arch-042 Ms. Mariam Shahzad d/o Shahzad Maqbool Flaneur and the Mixed Use Complex
2010-NCA-Arch-044 Ms. Maha Aslam d/o Tariq Aslam Raja Rehabilitation of Katchi Abadi River Ravi
2010-NCA-Arch-045 Ms. Hina Afzal d/o Muhmmad Afzal Khan Rehabilitation & Adaptive Reuse Arts and Crafts Centre Gor Khatri Peshawar
2010-NCA-Arch-046 Ms. Kiran Zaheer d/o Muhammad Abbas Zaheer "RAJA GIDH" 'Amelioration of a Stagnant Square'
2010-NCA-Arch-047 Mr. Waqar ul Hasan s/o Kafiat Ullah MOBILE EXPO
2010-NCA-Arch-048 Ms. Noor ul Ain Shakoor d/o Abdul Shakoor Adaptive to an Alternate Habitat "Exploring Ocean Colonisation"
2010-NCA-Arch-049 Ms. Mishel Ijaz d/o Ijaz Anwer THE "STRANGERS" Amongst us -subverting the Spatial Order
2010-NCA-Arch-051 Mr. Faaiz Lutfi s/o Lutf Ullah AFGHANISTAN "Before and After War"


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